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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is a modern way to say goodbye to mishappening that may occur while we are traveling aboard. The main and major task of this policy is to compensate for your medical expenses in case of sudden illness or accident while traveling abroad. The volume of insurance coverage and a list of insurance risks are necessarily reflected in the policy. The purchase process only takes 5-7 minutes as our agent will come and collect all your information and after 5-6 hours you will receive your policy at e-mail. At Pandit Insurance our agent will guide you on which policy and plan are suitable for you. We at Pandit insurance deal with one of the biggest life insurance companies in India ie.Life Insurance cooperation. so you need to worry about the claims as LIC is having the best claim ratio in India.

You may have a question that why travel insurance is important but the answer to this question it is compulsory for visa purposes as well as it is the need for the host country where you are going and last but not the least for your security. 

We at Pandit Insurance, Our principles are the highest level of service and reliability in servicing our customers abroad and premium and quality insurance. Thanks to these two components, our customers are always counting on the provision of medical services anywhere in the world as well as the work of their travel insurance 24/7, and come back to us again and again. If you’re traveling abroad for studies or jobs or some religious reason then just call us our professional agents will come and explain to you all the travel insurance plans then you can select which is best suitable for your needs and pocket.

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