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Shops Insurance

Keep your business financially whole even after the calamity. Protect your biggest asset including your office, industrial units, shopping malls, factories and all the properties associated with your business. You can avail of general property insurance coverage to protect your property or go for a specialized form of insurance cover like fire insurance, earthquake, flood insurance, etc.

Property insurance can cover the repair and replacement needs arising out of fire, theft, storm, floods and other extensive damage causing the situation. Extra options are also available to cover the content as well as the loss of revenue on business that is conducted on the premises. 

At Pandit Insurance you have many options for your shop insurance need. Whether you need coverage for a small shop, medium shop or larger shop we have all the options for you. You can even choose the policy term as well whether you want to take a one-year insurance or three-year insurance, you have an option to choose from various plans like- theft insurance, fire insurance and so on you either decide this on your own else our expert agents who have been doing shop insurance from years will guide you with the best plan. 
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