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Return of Premium

Return of premium life insurance, also called ROP insurance, typically refers to term policy that pays back the money you sent on premiums if you outlive a coverage. The cost of a return premium term policy will be slightly higher than a standard term policy with the same coverage limits. But, you since get your hard-earned money back if you don’t pass away, the higher the cost isn’t necessarily bad unless you’re concerned about your health or can’t afford the higher premium. You should also consider whether you would be able to get a better return by saving and investing the additional money spent in return of premium policy as opposed to a standard term policy.

It is quite difficult to choose the ideal return of premium plan for your self that is why Pandit insurance has done this task for you. Our highly qualified and experienced agents will guide you on which plan is best for you as they have been consulting clients for several years and will let you know which plan is best according to your pocket. You need not worry about the company as we deal with one of the best insurance companies in India ie LIC (Life insurance cooperation) , this company is having the highest claim settlement ratio in entire India.

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