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Life Insurance

Life insurance is protection against the financial losses that would result from the premature death of an insured. The named nominee receives the procedure and is thereby safeguarded from the impact of the death of the insured (person who has purchased the policy). The death benefits are then paid by a life insurer in consideration for premium payments made by the insurer. So if you are searching for Life insurance then you are in the right place. Pandit insurance company offers various life insurance plans for every single person who needs life insurance (LIC) policy and we provide the best suitable and ideal insurance policies and plans to every one according to their requirements. We are doing better service to our valuable customers with their 100 % satisfaction in India.

We put the well being of our policy owners first and that where our strength is. our objective is to provide our clients with the best as well the ideal option that we can offer from offering cutting edge life insurance products to add on services. Insurance is a valuable investment, we want you to feel fulfilled with the polices you buy. 

Types of Life insurance 

Term Assurance:- some life insurance policies are designed to meet temporary life cover needs. A term insurance policy is designed to protect the fixed policy term. There is no investment element in such policies as it provides pure satisfaction.

The whole of life plan:- as the name suggests, the plan term is open-ended. ie continues throughout the lifetime of the life assured, and provides a sum assured which is payable on the life assured’s death. It contains an investment element and will build up cash value as well as provide funding for the cost of future advantage throughout the customer lifetime. The focus on providing protection benefits. 

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