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Bike Insurance

Insurance your two-wheeler at Pandit Insurance is quite affordable and pocket-friendly. At Pandit insurance, we make it easy by working with the best two-wheeler providers in the country, like LIC (Life Insurance Corporation) , the top insurance provider when it comes to two-wheeler insurance in India. Now you can easily ride your expensive two wheller as you know that you have everything covered by the LIC two-wheeler insurance policy.

Get a customized two-wheeler insurance policy 

At Pandit insurance, we build customized policies for specific needs. Our policy can include full replacement cost or we can say total damage case, accessory coverage, comprehensive and collision coverage bodily injury and property damage liability, medical payments, roadside assistance and more. We have various types of plans that can suit your two-wheeler insurance need, you just need to tell your needs and our insurance agent will make tailor-made plans for you and apart from this LIC is one of trusted brand insurance brand in India so need to worry about anything.

Coverage for a different type of two-wheelers 

At Pandit Insurance you have many options for your two-wheeler insurance need. Whether you need coverage like bike insurance or a dirt bike insurance or scooter insurance or classic motorcycle insurance we have all the options for you. You can even choose the policy term as well whether you want to take a one-year insurance or three-year insurance, you have an option to choose from various plans like:- third party insurance, comprehensive or theft insurance, you either decide this on your own else our expert agents who have been doing two-wheeler insurance from years will guide you with the best plan. 

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