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Investment Plans

Investment planning is a process to achieve a financial goal with your investment resource. In simple word personal investment planning is understanding where you want to be financially and figuring out what it will take to reach there. In financial term investment plan is also known as an investment policy statement. The proper investment plan will allow the investor's money to produce financial gains over time. 
A well-structured investment plan is a straight road to financial success. If you don’t have a plan than you don’t have any guidelines for your investment actions and this could lead to financial and emotional stress. An investment plan is important because it helps you as an investor to get the maximum profit from your investment but your success will depend upon the ability to choose the right investment. Good investment plans also reduce portfolio risk and improve returns. The investment plan tells us what you will be going to invest in, how you will invest, why you will invest, what percentage of your money you will invest and many more, this, in turn, will significantly affect your investment returns. 
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