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Established in 1990, Padit Insurance is engaged in Insurance Companies, Life Insurance Agents, Health Insurance Agents, Vehicle Insurance Agents, Life Insurance Agents-LIC, Medical Insurance Agents, General Insurance Agents, Health Insurance Companies, Mediclaim Agents, Commercial Vehicle Insurance Agents, Insurance Agents-LIC, Insurance Advisor Recruitment-LIC, Life Insurance Companies-LIC, Life Insurance Companies in for its optimum quality. All the efforts of the company to ensure excellent service for their customers has enabled them to build long lasting business relationships with their clients Under the guidance of our mentor Mr. Shankar Pandit.

Insurance is a methods for insurance from money related misfortune. It is a type of hazard the board, essentially used to fence against the danger of an unexpected or indeterminate misfortune.


What is insurance?

Insurance refers to a common understanding or a strategy that an individual buys from an insurance agency by paying premiums on yearly, month to month or quarterly premise to the insurance agency. Consequently, the insurance agency shields the purchaser or the policyholder from any sort of misfortune or hazard that may happen later on.

Aside from people, both open and private part association can buy protection to secure their representatives. It's fundamentally a caring danger the board plot by utilizing which the safeguarded individual can get insurance against conceivable consequences, for example, misfortune, ailment, passing, misfortune done to his/her effects and soon.

Protection is the main budgetary instrument that encourages you deal with your money related dangers easily and decreases your monetary stresses.

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